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We build fully custom AI Systems & Automations that turn your business into a lean powerhouse.

What is the AI Agent?

The AI Agent, or Virtual Worker, is One Second AI's advanced solution designed to transform organizational workflows, data management, and internal communication.

It's like having an ultra-intelligent assistant at your fingertips, ready to enhance productivity and ensure that critical information is always utilized to its fullest potential.

Imagine the AI Agent as your go-to tool for a wide array of tasks, from streamlining workflows and fetching documents to compiling data and igniting innovative ideas. And while we say this with a touch of humor, the AI Agent's ability to remember and process information might just surpass that of your entire team combined (no offense intended to your brilliant team members!).

Integrating the AI Agent into your daily operations is a game-changer. It's not just about the tasks it can perform; it's about transforming the way your organization works, making it hard to remember how you ever managed without it.

Crafted to fit perfectly within your unique work ecosystem, our AI Agent seamlessly integrates with your internal databases (Google, Microsoft, Notion, etc.) and communication channels (Slack, Teams, Whatsapp, etc.), absorbing and utilizing company-specific knowledge to optimize future tasks.

You can think the AI Agent as your indispensable daily assistant for every single person in your team ensuring crucial information is leveraged effectively and organizational efficiency is maximized. Use it like any chat-based tool for a myriad of tasks – from automating workflows and retrieving files to gathering information, sparking new ideas, and beyond.

AI Customer Support Agent

Elevate your customer service with One Second AI's Internal Customer Support Agent, our innovative solution tailored for seamless support and engagement for your team. Integrated with platforms like Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp, this AI-powered Assistant epitomizes efficiency and personalization.

Designed to fit your customer service ecosystem, our AI Assistant enhances interactions by leveraging specific insights, acting as an intelligent aide to elevate satisfaction and make every customer interaction meaningful.

By automating responses and intelligently routing cases, we ensure your customers always find the help they need, when they need it.

‍AI Agent delivers rapid responses to any and all inquiries, significantly reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. It's all about turning every chat, question, or issue into a chance to deepen those customer bonds.

The AI isn't just about answers; it's about crafting responses that resonate on a personal level, based on each customer's journey and preferences. It's support that makes every user feel like the guest of honor. This AI agent embodies your brand, speaking in your voice and upholding your values in every chat, reinforcing your identity and fostering loyalty.

Think: You have the everything knowing 24/7 AI virtual worker by your side that you can ask questions and get answers from in real time. It's not just about solving problems; it's about enhancing experiences, building relationships, and reinforcing your brand, one interaction at a time.

AI Data Agent

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but its sheer volume and complexity can make it challenging to harness effectively.

Leverage AI to master the intricate landscape of data sources such as news, publications, financial platforms, social media, and much more with One Second AI.

Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute insights tailored to your industry. All delivered right into your Slack, Teams, or any other software you prefer.

In-Depth Monitoring: Our AI delves into a wide array of sources, keeping you informed with pertinent news and trending online discussions, ensuring you're never out of the loop.

Trend Analysis: Identify evolving trends and shifts in public sentiment that could impact your industry. Our tool empowers you to foresee and adapt to changes, maintaining your edge in innovation.

Executive Insights: Receive succinct, actionable summaries that distill intricate data into essential insights, tailored to enhance your strategic planning and ensure you have the right information at the right time.

Think: The world (and your business) is full of data you or your team can't go through, and you get all of the most important data points and information delivered straight to you. Choose what you want to receive, and you shall receive. Time to turn information into your strategic advantage.

AI Content Creation Agent

Step into the future of storytelling with our AI Content Creator, crafted to bring your brand's unique voice to life through content. Imagine having a tool that not only keeps your content fresh and engaging but also ensures it's buzzing with the latest trends and insights.

Versatile Content Crafting: Our AI isn't just about churning out content; it's about crafting stories that resonate with your brand's heart and soul. Whether it's deep-dive articles or lively social media updates, we're here to help you captivate your audience with every word.

Staying on the Beat: Keep your content as current as this morning's headlines. Our AI has its finger on the pulse, weaving in the latest news and insights to ensure your stories are always relevant and engaging.

Seamless Integration of Current Insights: With our AI, staying ahead of the curve is a breeze. It's constantly tuned in to the freshest industry news, ensuring your content is not just current but leading the conversation.

Think: You get content insights from any source you want, you can create content based on all of your company's information & data, and you'll never run out of content or have to think about a new post idea.

AI Sales Agent

Give your sales force the ultimate toolkit with instant access to critical data and resources, ensuring they can close deals faster and more effectively. Our AI-powered solution equips your sales heroes with everything from comprehensive product knowledge to the identification of top-tier prospects, laying the groundwork for unparalleled success.

From detailed product knowledge to prioritizing promising leads, we ensure your team is equipped to succeed.

Sharpen Lead Focus with AI: Our intelligent system sifts through interactions to spotlight the leads with the greatest potential, enabling your team to concentrate their efforts on the most promising opportunities, thereby maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Centralize Your Sales Resources: Maintain a consistent and compelling sales narrative with our integrated Resource Hub. Easily access and share the latest sales tools, from engaging presentations to key documents, ensuring your team has what it needs to succeed at every turn.

Empower with Instant Insights: Arm your sales professionals with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. From comprehensive product details to competitive pricing and FAQs, our AI Sales Accelerator ensures they're equipped with the information needed for confident, informed sales dialogues.

Think: Your sales team is equipped with a virtual ace up their sleeve. With the AI Sales Agent, key insights, and high-value leads are not just accessible, they're a given. Tailor the flow of information to match your strategy, and watch as your team transforms prospects into profits, turning efficiency and insight into your competitive edge.

AI Task Agent

Elevate Operational Efficiency with Our AI Task Agent: Revolutionize your team's workflow with this dynamic tool, engineered to refine operations and simplify task management for peak productivity.

Automated Meeting Insights: Capture every essential point with succinct summaries of meetings, ensuring critical information and decisions are effortlessly shared and retained across the team.

Proactive Task Management: Embrace Universal Task Monitoring with our AI Task Agent, which vigilantly oversees deadlines and gently propels tasks to the finish line. This feature provides managers with a transparent overview of team performance and task progression.

Adaptable Workflow Integration: Customize the AI Task Agent to align seamlessly with your business objectives, leveraging tailored workflow solutions to boost operational effectiveness and streamline processes.

Think:  Your ultimate operational ally, transforming the overwhelming tide of tasks and deadlines into a manageable flow of organized action. Set your preferences, and let the AI Task Agent funnel the most crucial task-related insights and updates straight to you. With this tool, turning the endless stream of tasks into actionable, strategic advantages becomes not just possible, but effortless.

AI Sales System

In today's fast-paced digital arena, generic sales systems just don't cut it anymore.

That's where One Second AI steps in, pioneering the shift towards AI-Powered Sales Outbound Solutions. We're not just sending emails; we're creating pathways for personalized engagement that resonate on a deeper level with your audience.

Utilizing our deep AI models, we tailor campaigns to identify and attract the ideal leads for your business, ensuring each interaction has the potential to convert. Our smart algorithms promise not just quantity, but quality, aiming for conversion rates that truly make an impact.

For those seeking to truly captivate, our premium offering includes video content integration, proven to elevate engagement and boost conversions to the remarkable 10-15% range.

Transform your sales strategy with our AI-driven service, where innovation meets impact, delivering not just leads, but real, measurable growth.

Get Inbound Leads for Sales From Your Website Visitors

Capture inbound sales leads directly from your website traffic with effortless efficiency. Our AI Lead Generation Chatbot outperforms traditional tools like contact forms by a staggering 4x, turning casual browsers into warm, sales-ready leads.

Introducing the One Second AI Lead Generation Chatbot, equipped with a sleek chat widget for your website. This intuitive bot engages visitors, inviting them to leave their contact details for a seamless follow-up. It diligently collects these leads and funnels them directly into your contact lists, primed for your sales team to connect.

Streamline lead qualification at scale and free up valuable time for your sales force. Tailor the bot's inquiry script to sift through visitors, categorizing leads into segmented lists for targeted outreach.

Deploying our chatbot is a breeze: all it takes is One Second AI and a website ready to host our widget. Customize the bot to mirror your brand's aesthetic, from its shape and colors to the logo, fonts, and buttons, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Beyond seamless integration with One Second AI, our chatbot boasts a range of plug-and-play integrations and an OpenAPI, enhancing its utility and adaptability across your digital ecosystem.

Handle Customer Support Automatically With AI

Elevate your website's customer service with our AI Customer Support Chatbot, offering real-time, personalized support that outperforms traditional methods. The One Second AI Chatbot, featuring a user-friendly chat widget, instantly addresses customer queries and seamlessly channels these interactions into your support queue for any necessary human intervention.

By customizing the knowledge base to your company's information, data and conversation history, our chatbot makes every interaction feel personal, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. It's like your 24/7 everything knowing customer support agent. The chatbot is a seamless widget on your site, and tailored to fit your company's style.

Equipped with advanced natural language processing, it understands and efficiently resolves a wide range of inquiries, seamlessly connecting to human support for complex issues.

By employing advanced algorithms and a meticulous iterative process, we refine the model, pushing its capabilities to the edge of perfection. The outcome? A chatbot that understands better, responds smarter, and engages more effectively.

Custom GPT Development

The conversational AI field has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of advanced models like GPT-3 and GPT-4, and at One Second AI, we're at the cutting edge, leveraging these technologies to craft chatbots that redefine user interaction.

Our deep dive into GPT-3 and GPT-4 technologies enables us to deliver chatbots that go beyond simple responses.

These AI-powered assistants engage in human-like conversations, grasp complex contexts, and provide solutions that feel remarkably intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience.

Excitingly, we're expanding our horizons with our OpenAI GPT development services. With the breakthroughs achieved by OpenAI's GPT models, One Second AI is now bringing the power of GPTs to businesses worldwide, promising a new era of smart, conversational interfaces that drive engagement and efficiency.

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AI Agent Assistants

Slack-integrated AI bot that you can ask for any company information, files, guides, or chat with to solve a problem and work on different tasks. No ned to ask your colleague or management for info or guides.


AI Meeting Automations

AI tool integrates with platforms like Google Meet, Teams, or Zoom to record, transcribe meetings, and update CRM, streamlining meeting management, communication, and automating follow-ups.


AI Sales Consultant

Sales call analysis tool records and evaluates calls for script adherence, keyword usage, and quality, offering actionable feedback for continuous improvement in sales performance and customer service.


AI Social Media Automation Bot

Monitors websites, generating up-to-date social media content based on industry news, competitor posts, etc. enhancing content relevance and easing sharing.


AI Lead Gen Chatbot

AI chatbot personalized with your company knowledge that improves visitor experience and improves lead generation with instant human-like answers.


AI Whatsapp Assistant

AI assistant in WhatsApp, controlled by voice or text.  Manage tasks, perform searches, and organize daily activities, streamlining task management and information access.


AI Business Strategy

We develop you a full AI strategy that goes over the best practices for AI automations for your business. Get a deep understanding of how you can utilize AI and be ahead of your competitors.


 AI Email Reply Assistant

AI automates responses by analyzing your mailbox,  learning your response style and company knowledge, and alerts you to complex emails, streamlining email management and focusing on priority messages.


Custom GPT Development

We'll build you Custom GPT's that you can use for your daily operations and speed up your work. These can be anything from copywriters, designers, problem-solvers to any type of assistant.

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Our 4-step process

Our operations flow systematically in sprints which allows us to build solutions in a faster pace with maximum efficiency


1. Research & Auditing

Together we conduct an in-depth analysis of your current processes, systems, possible bottlenecks and create a strategy & roadmap for the most valuable AI automations solutions.


2. AI Systems

Development & training of actual AI systems & applications, testing, validating and implementing for day-to use. By keeping you in a close loop during our development, we make sure you're in the same page with our timelines all the time.


3. Ensure The Outcomes

After deploying the AI systems into day-to-day use, we make sure that you're getting the outcomes as promised and the solutions work properly and are up to date. We make sure you can use the systems in the best possible way by giving you all necessary training materials.


4. Support & New Features

We make sure that the systems work all the time, provide you support and keep you up-to-date about all new updates in the AI field to make sure you've a competitive advantage in the market. We stay as a close partner helping you explore and develop more possible AI systems & features.

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Who is the perfect fit for One Second AI?

A great question! One Second AI is focusing on help businesses with 30+ employees aiming to improve the efficiency of their operations and save time on manual tasks & processes through AI. Our automations and agents are going to be applied & integrated bespoke to your company's infrastructures in just 3-4 weeks and we're going to be right by your side through the whole process.

Do I need to know what AI automations I need, or can you help identify the best ones?

If you've already envisioned the automations you want, that's great! But if not, no worries at all. Numerous businesses have vast untapped potential for optimization through our automation systems. Our team will help you discover these during our initial workshop call and assist you in prioritizing the ones that matter most.

Who's on the development team?

One Second AI was born as a result of 3 thriving co-founders who's vision was to create the #1 AI consultancy in the industry. The team you engage with is a result of a super selective process and at the moment consists of 7 industry's top level engineers and consultants.

Is there a refund policy if I'm unsatisfied with the service?

Yes, we provide a no questions asked money back guarantee up to 30 days after purchasing our service. We know the value we can bring to your business, and if we're not able to deliver you an ROI, then we're happy to give you a full refund.

How is my data handled with AI? Do you comply with GDPR?

Great and important question! Everything we build and provide is stored in a private server, so all of your data is safe with us. Everything we give to the AI will be kept in private and can't be used by any other provider. All of our services are GDPR compliant.


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